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Spiceculture Bar & Grill is a family-owned business and the first new venture of Streets of India Bar and Grill Ltd. The restaurant started its operation on Sept 28, 2019, and one of the best fine dining restaurants in Mississauga serving mouth-watering Indian cuisine dishes in a beautiful ambiance. With a total covered area of 3000 sq.ft the restaurant is located in one the busiest location of Mississauga i.e. Derry and Hurontario St intersection. The dining area has a seating capacity of 72, a beautiful bar with 16 seats. Summertime can be enjoyed in the open patio with a seating capacity of 50.  Spiceculture Bar & Grill is moving up as a top place for foodies who yearn for an authentic taste, ingredients, and superb service. Spiceculture Bar & Grill is also providing takeaway & delivery services for foodies who want to satisfy their yearning for authentic Indian food in their homes or workplaces.

About Our Head Chef

Chef Paramjit Saini was born and raised in the city of Chandigarh, India where he first discovered his passion for cooking and hence began his journey to becoming an accomplished chef. From a very young age, he was exposed to the vast variety of spices and vegetables native to Indian Cuisine. His love and appreciation for food led him to experiment with the Indian flavors, helping him create unique dishes that represent his Culture in its true essence.

In 2006, Saini was given the opportunity to finally fulfill his dream of becoming a chef, leading him half-way across the globe to Italy, where he assumed the role of a Chef in a traditional restaurant called ‘Haveli.’ Saini displayed extreme dedication towards his work as he worked at the Haveli for 10 years, serving excellent food to the general public while also catering to celebrity weddings. Saini places great importance on family, so in 2016 he decided to move to Canada along with his family so he could be closer to his siblings. As Saini is quite ambitious, he started working at ‘The Maharaja’ right away. After working there for three years he decided it was time to showcase his culinary skills at Spice Culture Bar & Grill as the Head Chef.
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Legal Name: Streets of India Bar & Grill Ltd. 
Brand Name: Spiceculture Bar & Grill
Food: Fine Indian Cuisine (Lunch, Dinner, Beverages)
Location: Hurontario St. and Derry Rd
Address: 25 Aventura Ct
City: Mississauga
Postal Code: L5T 3A1
Phone: 905-795-8880