Our Story

Spiceculture Bar & Grill is a family owned restaurant. Chef Paramjit Saini was born and raised in the city of Chandigarh, India where he first discovered his passion for cooking, and hence began his journey to become an accomplished chef. After working in Italy and Canada in some of the best Indian restaurants and hence at the same time enhancing his Indian culinary skills, he and his family members started the Spiceculture Bar & Grill offering the unique combination of spices and culture in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

Chef Paramjit Saini

Head Chef

Dishes Menu

We Create Authentic Taste

Spiceculture Bar & Grill is all about food. We not only have the best  food menu in terms of range but we are proud to announce that all our food dishes are inspired from various regions of India. In creating so we always use the freshest, finest and authentic ingredients sourced from India. Please enjoy the best fine Indian cuisine and experience here at Mississauga Ontario.