Our Story

Chef Paramjit Saini was born and raised in the city of Chandigarh, India. From a very young age, he was exposed to the vast variety of spices and vegetables native to the Indian Cuisine. His love and appreciation for food led him to experiment with the Indian flavours, helping him create unique dishes that represent his culture in its true essence. In 2006, Saini was given the opportunity to finally fulfil his dreams of becoming a chef in Italy, where he was able to showcase his skills in a traditional restaurant called ‘Haveli’. He places significant importance on family, so in 2016 he decided to move half-way across the globe to Canada along with his family so he could be closer to his siblings. As Saini is quite ambitious, he started working at ‘The Maharaja’ right away. After working there for three years he decided it was time to showcase his culinary skills at Spice Culture Bar & Grill as the Head Chef.

Chef Paramjit Saini

Head Chef

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We Create Authentic Taste

Spiceculture Bar & Grill is all about food. We not only have the best  food menu in terms of range but we are proud to announce that all our food dishes are inspired from various regions of India. In creating so we always use the freshest, finest and authentic ingredients sourced from India. Please enjoy the best fine Indian cuisine and experience here at Mississauga Ontario.